Have you ever heard of Solar Nails or Solar Nails?

You often see the name Solar Nails at the cheaper discount nail studios.

‘Solar Nails’ is a brand name, but actually exactly the same as acrylic nails. The important difference is the ingredients.

The products for making Solar Nails are sold on the black market and contain MMA.

MMA is a prohibited substance that is also not suitable for artificial nails.

MMA is now on the ‘prohibited substances list’ in the United States, not yet in Europe.

Because the profession of ‘nail stylist’ is a liberal profession, there is no government control over the use of MMA.

The problem with MMA is that the product cures too quickly and prolonged exposure can affect the nervous system and cause allergic reactions. In the long run, it can even be carcinogenic.

Not only for you as a customer, but also for the nail technician who has to remove this product because of the harmful dust particles that are released.

Nasha Nails works exclusively with products from the United States, such as OPI, Creative and IBD.